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Overview of SCIAMACHY validation literature

SCIAMACHY - spectra validation literature
  • SCIAMACHY reflectance and solar irradiance validation
    Noël, S., A.A. Kokhanovsky, O. Jourdan, K. Gerilowski, K. Pfeilsticker, M. Weber, H. Bovensmann and J.P. Burrows
  • Validation of SCIAMACHY Level-1 and Level-2 Products by Balloon-Borne Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS)
    Dorf, M., H. Bösch, A. Butz, C. Camy-Peyret, M.P. Chipperfield, K. Gerilowski, K. Grunow, W. Gurlit, H. Harder, S. Kühl, L. Kritten, A. Lindner, S. Payan, A. Rozanov, C. von Savigny, B. Simmes, C. Sioris, F. Weidner and K. Pfeilsticker
  • SCIAMACHY reflectance and polarisation validation: SCIAMACHY versus POLDER
    Tilstra, L.G. and P. Stammes
  • In-flight degradation correction of SCIAMACHY UV reflectances and Absorbing Aerosol Index
    Tilstra, L.G., M. de Graaf, I. Aben and P. Stammes
  • Surface solar irradiance from SCIAMACHY measurements: algorithm and validation
    Wang, P., P. Stammes and R. Mueller
  • Earth reflectance and polarization intercomparison between SCIAMACHY onboard Envisat and POLDER onboard ADEOS-2
    Tilstra, L.G. and P. Stammes
  • Intercomparison of reflectances observed by GOME and SCIAMACHY in the visible wavelength range
    Tilstra, L.G. and P. Stammes
  • Large-scale validation of SCIAMACHY reflectance in the ultraviolet
    van Soest, G., L.G. Tilstra and P. Stammes
  • Method for in-flight satellite calibration in the ultraviolet using radiative transfer calculations, with application to Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography (SCIAMACHY)
    Tilstra, L.G., G. van Soest and P. Stammes
  • Alternative polarisation retrieval for SCIAMACHY in the ultraviolet
    Tilstra, L.G. and P. Stammes
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