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Absorbing Aerosol Index KNMI
July 2002 to April 2012 validated
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SCIAMACHY aerosol validation literature:
  • Validation of SCIAMACHY top-of-atmosphere reflectance for aerosol remote sensing using MERIS L1 data
    von Hoyningen-Huene, W., A.A. Kokhanovsky, M.W. Wuttke, M. Buchwitz, S. Noël, K. Gerilowski, J.P. Burrows, B. Latter, R. Siddans and B.J. Kerridge
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7, 97–106, 2007
    Method: MERIS L1 data
  • First verification of SCIAMACHY's Absorbing Aerosol Index product
    de Graaf, M. and P. Stammes
    Abstract/Article: ESA Special Publication-531, August 2003
    Method: Verified by comparing level 2 operational AAI product with KNMI's AAI algorithm
  • SCIAMACHY Absorbing Aerosol Index: The scientific product compared to the operational product and TOMS data
    de Graaf, M., L.G. Tilstra and P. Stammes
    Abstract/Article: ESA Special Publication-562, August 2004
    Method: Intercomparison between SCIAMACHY level 2 AAI product and TOMS AAI on the basis of a dust outbreak on 5 April 2004 over the Sahara
  • SCIAMACHY Absorbing Aerosol Index and the consequences of instrument degradation
    Tilstra, L.G., M. de Graaf, S. Noël, I. Aben and P. Stammes
    Abstract/Article: ESA Special Publication-642, February 2007
    Method: Global mean analysis
  • Analysis of 5 years of SCIAMACHY Absorbing Aerosol Index data
    Tilstra, L.G., M. de Graaf, I. Aben and P. Stammes
    Abstract/Article: ESA Special Publication SP-636, July 2007
    Method: Time series of regional means / satellite intercomparison
  • Satellite observations of the seasonal cycles of absorbing aerosols in Africa related to the monsoon rainfall, 1995-2008
    de Graaf, M., L.G. Tilstra, I. Aben and P. Stammes
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Environment 44, 10, 1274-1283, 2010
    Method: Comparison with precipitation data

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