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CO2 vertical column IFE/IUP Bremen
Jan 2003 to Dec 2005 *)  p. valid.
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SCIAMACHY CO2 validation literature:
  • Comparisons between SCIAMACHY atmospheric CO2 retrieved using (FSI) WFM-DOAS to ground based FTIR data and the TM3 chemistry transport model
    M. P. Barkley, P. S. Monks, U. Frieß, R. L. Mittermeier, H. Fast, S. Körner, and M. Heimann
    Abstract/Article: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 6, 4483–4498, 2006
    Method: Ground based Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) data (Egbert, Canada) and TM3 global chemistry-transport model (Siberia, Canada/Alaska, Gobi dessert, Western Europe)
  • Atmospheric carbon gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY by WFM-DOAS: version 0.5 CO and CH4 and impact of calibration improvements on CO2 retrieval
    M. Buchwitz, R. de Beek, S. Noël, J. P. Burrows, H. Bovensmann, O. Schneising, I. Khlystova, M. Bruns, H. Bremer, P. Bergamaschi, S. Körner, and M. Heimann
    Abstract/Article: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 6, 2727–2751, 2006
    Method: "MOPITT satellite data (CO) and TM5 model simulations - world (CH4) and FTIR measurements at Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA (CO2)"
  • Comparisons between SCIAMACHY and ground-based FTIR data for total columns of CO, CH4, CO2 and N2O
    B. Dils, M. De Mazière, J. F. Müller, T. Blumenstock, M. Buchwitz, R. de Beek, P. Demoulin, P. Duchatelet, H. Fast, C. Frankenberg, A. Gloudemans, D. Griffith, N. Jones, T. Kerzenmacher, I. Kramer, E. Mahieu, J. Mellqvist, R. L. Mittermeier, J. Notholt, C. P. Rinsland, H. Schrijver, D. Smale, A. Strandberg, A. G. Straume,W. Stremme, K. Strong, R. Sussmann, J. Taylor, M. van den Broek, V. Velazco, T.Wagner, T.Warneke, A. Wiacek, and S. Wood
    Abstract/Article: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 6, 1953–1976, 2006
    Method: 11 ground-based FTIR data (quasi-global network)
  • First direct observation of the atmospheric CO2 year-to-year increase from space
    M. Buchwitz, O. Schneising, J. P. Burrows, H. Bovensmann, M. Reuter, J.
    Abstract/Article: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 7, 4249-4256, 2007
    Method: Satellite retrievals compared with global XCO2 obtained from NOAA's CO2 assimilation system CarbonTracker
  • Three years of greenhouse gas column-averaged dry air mole fractions retrieved from satellite - Part 1: Carbon dioxide
    O. Schneising, M. Buchwitz, J. P. Burrows, H. Bovensmann, M. Reuter, J. Notholt, R. Macatangay, T. Warneke
    Abstract/Article: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 3827-3853, 2008
    Method: Comparisons with Fourier Transform Spec-troscopy (FTS) CO2 measurements and with global CO2 fields obtained from NOAA's CO2 CarbonTracker

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