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OClO slant column IFE/IUP Bremen
Aug 2002 to April 2012 *)     
MPI Mainz/IUP Heidelberg
on request          
OClO profile MPI Mainz/IUP Heidelberg
Sep 2002 to April 2012 not validated
Environment Canada
on request        
*): some restrictions on data use, see product details (click on institute)
OClO profile by Environment Canada (last update: 14 December 2015)
available data Data is available on request, vortex only. Co-authorship is required when using the data in papers, presentations, etc.
The data currently is not reliable. A bug was found in the forward modelling and the errors could be significant. The retrieval will be revisited. Please contact Chris Sioris for further information.
point of contact Chris Sioris
algorithm description Radiances are co-added over azimuth. Then there are two main steps: a) fitting of measured slant column vs tangent height b) fitting of model slant columns vs tangent height until they agree with the measured slant column profile, with NO2/BrO/OClO number density profile updated using Chahine's method for the first 4 iterations and the local iteration derivative (extrapolation or interpolation) for further iterations.
product details Product details can be found in the product specification document.

file naming: molecule_orbit.xls (e.g. OClO_3068.xls)
product format:
1st (header) column: retrieval altitude grid
1st row: concentraton units
2nd row: average latitude of scan
3rd row: date/time of scan
4th row: evening side flag
next n rows: retrieved profiles along orbit track
header row: precision units
next n rows: calculated precision profiles along orbit track
validation results  

SCIAMACHY OClO profile (SAO) validation literature:
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