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O3 vertical column ESA
August 2002 to April 2012 *)  v5.01
August 2002 to April 2012 validated
O3 profile IFE/IUP Bremen
September 2002 to April 2012 *)    v1.63: p. valid.
August 2002 to April 2012 *)    v5.01
*): some restrictions on data use, see product details (click on institute)
O3 profile by IFE/IUP Bremen (last update: 24 Aug 2010)
available data September 2002 - April 2012. Data is available via the SCIA-ARC website. Restrictions for data use do apply.
point of contact Alexei Rozanov
algorithm description The algorithm is described in the Algorithm Document.
product details All details can be found in the Product Specification document for version 2.0-2.2 and version 1.63.
validation results The SCIA-ARC website also lists preliminary validation results.

SCIAMACHY O3 profile (IFE) validation literature:
  • Evaluation of ozonesondes, HALOE, SAGE II and III, Odin-OSIRIS and -SMR, and ENVISAT-GOMOS, -SCIAMACHY and -MIPAS ozone profiles in the tropics from SAOZ long duration balloon measurements in 2003 and 2004
    Borchi, F. and J.-P. Pommereau
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7, 2671–2690, 2007
    Product: O3 profiles
    Institute: IUP/IFE
    Method: Solar occultation in the visible Chappuis bands using a SAOZ UV-Vis spectrometer carried by long duration balloons
  • The ASSET intercomparison of ozone analyses: method and first results
    Geer, A.J., W.A. Lahoz, S. Bekki, N. Bormann, Q. Errera, H. J. Eskes, D. Fonteyn, D.R. Jackson, M.N. Juckes, S. Massart, V.-H. Peuch, S. Rharmili and A. Segers
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6, 5445–5474, 2006
    Product: O3 assimilated total columns (TOSOMI) and profiles (IFE v1.6)
    Institute: KNMI & IUP/IFE
  • Inter-comparison of stratospheric O3 and NO2 abundances retrieved from balloon borne direct sun observations and Envisat/SCIAMACHY limb measurements
    Butz, A., H. Bösch, C. Camy-Peyret, M. Chipperfield, M. Dorf, G. Dufour, K. Grunow, P. Jeseck, S. Kühl, S. Payan, I. Pepin, J. Pukite, A. Rozanov, C. von Savigny, C. Sioris, T.Wagner, F.Weidner and K. Pfeilsticker
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6, 1293–1314, 2006
    Product: stratospheric O3 and NO2 limb profiles
    Institute: O3: IUP/IFE - NO2: IUP/IFE, IUP-Heidelberg, SAO
    Method: Balloon borne direct sun observations
  • Geophysical validation of SCIAMACHY Limb Ozone Profiles
    Brinksma, E.J., A. Bracher, D.E. Lolkema, A.J. Segers, I.S. Boyd, K. Bramstedt, H. Claude, S. Godin-Beekmann, G. Hansen, G. Kopp, T. Leblanc, I.S. McDermid, Y.J. Meijer, H. Nakane, A. Parrish, C. von Savigny, K. Stebel, D.P.J. Swart, G. Taha and A.J.M. Piters
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6, 197–209, 2006
    Product: limb ozone profiles
    Institute: IUP/IFE & ESA
    Method: Groundbased lidar and microwave, sondes, SAGE II and SAGE III
  • Intercomparison of ozone profile measurements from ASUR, SCIAMACHY, MIPAS, OSIRIS, and SMR
    Kuttippurath, J., H. Bremer, J. Burrows, A. Kleinböhl, H. Küllmann, K. Künzi, J. Notholt, M. Sinnhuber, C. von Savigny, N. Lautié, D. Murtagh, J. Urban, M. Milz, G. Stiller, S. Petelina, J. de La Noë, E. Le Flochmoën and P. Ricaud
    Abstract/Article: J. Geophys. Res., 112, D09311, doi:10.1029/2006JD007830, 2007
    Product: O3 profiles
    Institute: ESA/IFE
    Method: ASUR, MIPAS, OSIRIS, and SMR
  • Validation of SCIAMACHY Level-1 and Level-2 Products by Balloon-Borne Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS)
    Dorf, M., H. Bösch, A. Butz, C. Camy-Peyret, M.P. Chipperfield, K. Gerilowski, K. Grunow, W. Gurlit, H. Harder, S. Kühl, L. Kritten, A. Lindner, S. Payan, A. Rozanov, C. von Savigny, B. Simmes, C. Sioris, F. Weidner and K. Pfeilsticker
    Abstract/Article: Proc. of the First ‘Atmospheric Science Conference’, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, 8 – 12 May 2006 (ESA SP-628, July 2006)
    Product: Level 1 (Limb radiance and solar irradiance) and level 2 products (profiles of O3, NO2, BrO)
    Institute: L1: IUP-Bremen/ O3: IUP-Bremen/NO2: IUP-HD, IUP-Bremen and Havard-Smithsonian/BrO: Havard-Smithsonian
    Method: Balloon-Borne Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS)
  • Global Validation of SCIAMACHY O3 and NO2 Profiles from OL3.0 and IUP/IFE Retrieval with Collocated Measurements from ACE-FTS, GOMOS, HALOE, MIPAS, POAM III and SAGE II
    Bracher, A., L.K. Amekudzi, K. Bramstedt, K.-U. Eichmann, A. Rozanov, C. von Savigny and J.P. Burrows
    Abstract/Article: Proc. ‘Envisat Symposium 2007’, Montreux, Switzerland 23–27 April 2007 (ESA SP-636, July 2007)
    Product: O3 and NO2 profiles
    Institute: IUP/IFE, University of Bremen
  • Global and long-term comparison of SCIAMACHY limb ozone profiles with correlative satellite data (2002–2008)
    Mieruch, S., M. Weber, C. von Savigny, A. Rozanov, H. Bovensmann, J.P. Burrows, P.F. Bernath, C.D. Boone, L. Froidevaux, L. L. Gordley, M.G. Mlynczak, J.M. Russell III, L.W. Thomason, K.A. Walker and J.M. Zawodny
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 5, 771-788, 2012
    Product: O3 profiles
    Institute: IUP/IFE University of Bremen
    Method: Comparison with MLS/Aura, SABER, SAGE-II,HALOE, ACE-FTS

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