Validation summary for Cloud pressure by KNMI (last update: 6-5-2008)

Simulations and comparisons with ground-based radar measurements (ARM network) of clouds show that the FRESCO+ sc-v5 cloud pressure is equivalent to the pressure in the middle of the cloud. The correlation coefficient of the FRESCO+ sc-v5 cloud pressures with the averaged ARM cloud profiles is 0.94 (Wang et al., 2008). The difference between FRESCO+ and FRESCO cloud pressures is +50 hPa for GOME data (go-v5 - go-v4; Wang et al.,2006). For SCIAMACHY the difference is +70 hPa between sc-v5 (using level 1 v6.*) and sc-v4 (using level 1 v5.04). It is expected to reduce to +50 hPa if the same version of level 1 data were used for both sc-v4 and sc-v5.


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