Validation summary for UV index by KNMI
(last update: 18 February 2019)

The TEMIS UV index and UV dose operational data products are based on operational global ozone field data, derived from SCIAMACHY (2002-2012) and GOME-2 (2012-present) ozone measurements. Data version 1.4 has been validated extensively against groundbased measurements at Thessaloniki (Zempila et al., 2017) [PDF]. For cloud-free days differences are found to be around 1%, with standard deviation of 11-13%. For all-sky situations, i.e. including cloudiness, the TEMIS data is about 12% higher (with R^2 = 0.92). Data version 2.0 is an upgrade from v1.4 (e.g. higher spatial resolution) which does not affect the method itself, hence the validation results also hold for v2.0.


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