Validation summary for O3 vertical column (TOSOMI) by KNMI
(last update: 4 October 2018)

SCIAMACHY nadir ozone column data retrieved with TOSOMI version 2.00 from level-1 data version 7.04 have been compared to co-located ground-based observations (Brewer and Dobson) from 139 stations around the world (Van der A et al., 2015) [PDF]. This comparison covers the period 2002-2012. The mean bias is about 2% at SCIAMACHY solar zenith angles below 75°. The mean offset as compared to ground-based observations is 2.1 DU and the RMS is about 8.5 DU. The trend in TOSOMI as a result of calibration issues of the instrument not solved at present time is +0.17 DU per year since 2002.


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