Validation summary for O3 vertical column by ESA (last update: 16-12-2010)

SCIAMACHY OL v3.01 O3 columns are on a global average less than 1% higher than ground-based network measurements and other satellite measurements. The general agreement exhibits no latitudinal dependence. Larger differences have been found for high solar zenith angles and low ozone columns. Differences with ground-based measurements show a small negative trend of approximately 0.3% per year. SCIAMACHY OL v3.01 and v5.01 O3 column data are consistent with GAW ground-based data records. There are slight differences between the two versions, usually in the form of a bias < 0.6%. Drifts noticed with version 3.01 at numerous but not all stations persist with version 5.01. Uncertainties increase at large SZA and at low Total Column O3.


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