Validation summary for O3 profile by ESA (last update: 16-12-2010)

SCIAMACHY OL v3.01 ozone profile concentrations between 20 and 35 km are on average slightly lower (0-15%) than sonde and lidar measurements, SAGE II and HALOE. No seasonal dependence is observed in the differences. Below the ozone maximum the differences increase. The RMS differences are between 10 and 20%. Between 35 and 40km average differences vary between -25 and +25% (RMS values between 20 and 40%). No significant tangent height shifts have been observed.

The ozone profile product of Level 2 v5.01 shows an improvement over Level 2 v3.01. Version 5.01 ozone profiles have a correct vertical shape, and capture well the seasonal cycle and meridional structure. When compared to GB network data, O3 profiles retrieved with SGP 5.01 are of equivalent or better quality than those retrieved with SGP 3.01. The low bias in v3.01 is significantly reduced. In the mid-latitudes SCIAMACHY v5.01 matches validation instruments within 5% up to 38 km altitude.


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