Validation summary for NO2 vertical column by ESA (last update: 16-5-2008)

Over areas with low tropospheric NO2 content, SCIAMACHY OL 3.01 NO2 columns agree with GOME GDP 4.1 and NDACC/UVVIS measurements to a few 1014 molec/cm2. The estimated accuracy ranges from 5% to 20% at polar latitudes and in the Northern Hemisphere. The NO2 columns are low biased by about 5.1014 molec/cm2 at low and middle latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere. This low bias exhibits a seasonal cycle (larger in summer) and a latitudinal dependence. The NO2 columns are affected by larger errors over polluted areas (large underestimation) and in the South Atlantic Anomaly (noisier data).


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