Validation summary for CO2 column-averaged mixing ratios (XCO2) by IFE/IUP Bremen (last update: 16 April 2010)

Comparisons of SCIAMACHY WFM-DOAS XCO2 V1.0 (analysed data: 2003-2005) with Fourier-Transform-InfraRed (FTIR) (1 European and 1 American station, 2004-2005) and NOAS's CarbonTracker (global, 2003-2005) (both see: Schneising et al., 2008).
Based on an error analysis and on comparisons with reference data it is concluded that the XCO2 data set can be characterized by a single measurement retrieval precision (random error) of 1-2%, a systematic low bias of about 1.5%, and by a relative accuracy of about 1-2% for monthly averages at a spatial resolution of about 7°x7° (Schneising et al., 2008).


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