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SCIAMACHY detailed validation plan

This document describes in detail the activities planned to ensure a proper validation of SCIAMACHY. It gives information on the organisation, coordination, communication, data-distribution and responsibilities. It is an overview of the activities and planning in the different phases of validation.

SCIAMACHY validation requirements documents

This document from 1998 describes the requirements for the validation of Sciamachy and makes recommendations concerning its organisation and the scientific and technical approach to achieve this. Produced by the Sciamachy Validation and Interpretation Group (SCIAVALIG).

This document from 2012 summarises the feedback received following a questionnaire on the validation requirements for SCIAMACHY and future sensors.

SCIAMACHY validation handbook

This document describes the validation set-up and gives an overview of the core and AO validation activities. Additionally it provides information on: Sciamachy and validation data exchange, information exchange, workshops and timeschedule, Sciamachy data availibility, validation constraints and availibility of other Envisat data. Produced by the Sciamachy Validation and Interpretation Group (SCIAVALIG).

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