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SCIAMACHY UV validation literature:
  • Extreme sunbathing: Three weeks of small total O3 columns and high UV radiation over the southern tip of South America during the 2009 Antarctic O3 hole season
    de Laat, A.T.J., R.J. van der A, M.A.F. Allaart, M. van Weele, G. C. Benitez, C. Casiccia, N. M. Paes Leme, E. Quel, J. Salvador and E. Wolfram
    Abstract/Article: Geophysical research letters, vol. 37, L14805, doi:10.1029/2010GL043699, 2010
    Method: Comparison of ground-based and satellite measurements of total O3 columns and satellite based calculations of the UVI index
  • Surface solar and UV products for Europe by combination of MSG and SCIAMACHY (SUPREMACY): Final report
    van Weele, M.
    Abstract/Article: NIVR report, 53411KN, 2008
    Method: NULL
  • TEMIS UV product validation using NILU-UV ground-based measurements in Thessaloniki, Greece
    Zempila, M.-M., J.H.G.M. van Geffen, M. Taylor, I. Fountoulakis, M.-E. Koukouli, M. van Weele, R.J. van der A, A. Bais, C. Meleti and D. Balis
    Abstract/Article: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 17, 7157-7174, 2017
    Method: Validation using ground-based observations as reference

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