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HCHO vertical column IFE/IUP Bremen
Jan 2003 to April 2012 AD PSD Avail    
on request AD        
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SCIAMACHY HCHO vertical column (IFE) validation literature:
  • SCIAMACHY formaldehyde observations: constraint for isoprene emission estimates over Europe
    Dufour, G., F. Wittrock, M. Camredon, M. Beekmann, A. Richter, B. Aumont and J.P. Burrows
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9, 1647-1664, 2009
    Product: HCHO vertical column
    Institute: IUP/IFE, University of Bremen
    Method: The influence of the different emissions on HCHO tropospheric columns are investigated with the CHIMERE chemical transport model in order to interpret the comparisons between SCIAMACHY and simulated HCHO columns

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