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BrO vertical column BIRA-IASB
Jul 2002 to Dec 2005 AD PSD Avail    
IFE/IUP Bremen
Jan 2003 to April 2012 AD PSD Avail    
on request AD        
BrO profile IFE/IUP Bremen
Sep 2002 to April 2012 AD PSD Avail p.valid
MPI Mainz/IUP Heidelberg
Sep 2002 to April 2012 AD PSD Avail p. valid.
Environment Canada
on request AD PSD   demonstrated
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SCIAMACHY BrO profile (IFE) validation literature:
  • Multi-year comparison of stratospheric BrO vertical profiles retrieved from SCIAMACHY limb and ground-based UV-visible measurements
    Hendrick, F., A. Rozanov, P.V. Johnston, H. Bovensmann, M. De Maziere, C. Fayt, C. Hermans, K. Kreher, W. Lotz, B.M. Sinnhuber, N. Theys, A. Thomas, J.P. Burrows and M. Van Roozendael
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 2, 273-285, 2009
    Product: BrO profile
    Institute: IUP/IFE, University of Bremen
    Method: Vertical profiles of stratospheric BrO retrieved daily from SCIAMACHY limb scatter data are copmpared to ground-based UV-visible observations performed at three gound based measuring sites in the 15 to 27 km altitude range for various periods, respectivel

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