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SCIAMACHY CH4 vertical column (IFE) validation literature:
  • Atmospheric carbon gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY by WFM-DOAS: version 0.5 CO and CH4 and impact of calibration improvements on CO2 retrieval
    Buchwitz, M., R. de Beek, S. Noël, J.P. Burrows, H. Bovensmann, O. Schneising, I. Khlystova, M. Bruns, H. Bremer, P. Bergamaschi, S. Körner and M. Heimann
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6, 2727–2751, 2006
    Product: CO vertical columns and CO2, CH4 dry-air column averaged mixing ratios
    Institute: IUP/IFE
    Method: "MOPITT satellite data (CO) and TM5 model simulations - world (CH4) and FTIR measurements at Park Falls,\nWisconsin, USA (CO2)"
  • Comparisons between SCIAMACHY and ground-based FTIR data for total columns of CO, CH4, CO2 and N2O
    Dils, B., M. De Mazière, J.F. Müller, T. Blumenstock, M. Buchwitz, R. de Beek, P. Demoulin, P. Duchatelet, H. Fast, C. Frankenberg, A. Gloudemans, D. Griffith, N. Jones, T. Kerzenmacher, I. Kramer, E. Mahieu, J. Mellqvist, R.L. Mittermeier, J. Notholt, C.P. Rinsland, H. Schrijver, D. Smale, A. Strandberg, A.G. Straume, W. Stremme, K. Strong, R. Sussmann, J. Taylor, M. van den Broek, V. Velazco, T.Wagner, T.Warneke, A. Wiacek and S. Wood
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6, 1953–1976, 2006
    Product: CO, CH4, CO2 and N2O total columns
    Institute: IUP/IFE-Bremen, IUP-Heidelberg, SRON
    Method: 11 ground-based FTIR data (quasi-global network)
  • Tropical methane emissions: A revised view from SCIAMACHY onboard ENVISAT
    Frankenberg, C., P. Bergamaschi, A. Butz, S. Houweling, J.F. Meirink, J. Notholt, A.K. Petersen, H. Schrijver, T. Warneke and I. Aben
    Abstract/Article: Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 35, L15811, 2008
    Product: tropical CH4 emissions
    Institute: SRON, IFE, KNMI
  • Three years of greenhouse gas column-averaged dry air mole fractions retrieved from satellite - Part 2: Methane
    Schneising, O., M. Buchwitz, J. P. Burrows, H. Bovensmann, P. Bergamaschi and W. Peters
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9, 443-465, 2009
    Product: CH4 vertical column
    Institute: IUP/IFE University of Bremen
    Method: Comparisons with the TM5 model
  • Atmospheric greenhouse gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY: comparison to ground-based FTS measurements and model results
    Schneising, O., P. Bergamaschi, H. Bovensmann, M. Buchwitz, J.P. Burrows, N.M. Deutscher, D.W.T. Griffith, J. Heymann, R. Macatangay, J. Messerschmidt, J. Notholt, M. Rettinger, S. Reuter, R. Sussmann, V.A. Velazco, T. Warneke, P.O. Wennberg and D. Wunch
    Abstract/Article: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12, 1527-1540, 2012
    Product: CO2 and CH4 vertical columns
    Institute: IUP/IFE University of Bremen
    Method: Comparison with FTS and TM5 model

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