Validation status
Validation status:
validated:A product is called validated when:
  • comparisons with other data have been performed on a global scale, covering at least the latitude bands -90/-60, -60/-30, -30/30, 30/60, 60/90;
  • comparisons with other data have been performed for different times, covering at least the four seasons;
  • comparisons have been performed with different independent measurement techniques or models of known quality.

For a “validated” product estimated accuracy and precision values can be given, including their seasonal and latitudinal dependencies. Specific regimes where the product is less accurate can be identified.

p. valid.: partly validated: at least two of the criteria under 'validated' are met
demonst: demonstrated: comparisons have been performed with at least one measurement technique or model of known quality
Note: If only a version number is given, no validation results have been published yet.

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